Aqua Aura Vogel Triangle Pendant

Linda Lauren

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Aqua Aura Vogel Triangle Pendant

The brainchild of IBM scientist and energy worker, Marcel Vogel, the Star of David crystals are cut according to the principles of sacred geometry. Their purpose is for meditation, protection and healing. 

Marcel Vogel's aim was to serve healers and light workers as a way to amplify Universal Lifeforce Energy.

A unique crystal with strong properties, Aqua Aura is the only man-made crystal offered for sale by Linda Lauren. When clear crystal is combined with gold, beautiful shiny aqua blue colors appear.   Aqua Aura is said to help in healing in the area of the Throat Chakra and emotional issues related to stress.  It has been shown to aid in increasing psychic ability, especially when used during meditation.  Also, this stone is a wonderful assistance in communication-verbal, written and intuitive.

All crystals are charged with Reiki healing energy. The more you hold, wear and/or meditate with our crystals, the more you will connect with its vibration. Due to the unique nature of the crystals, there may be slight size and color variations.