Sentimental Journey ~ Time Travel Romance – Linda Lauren
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Sentimental Journey ~ Time Travel Romance

Linda Lauren

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Sentimental Journey ~ Time Travel Romance

Sentimental Journey is an Illustrated Time Travel Romance Novella that will have you believing...

What if....

What if you had the cure for the common cold available to you whenever you needed it? What if that cure was in the form of a twenty-four-hour time-release capsule? What if it not only cured your cold but also took you back in time by twenty-four years?

Now imagine your cold returns when you return, and you discover there is a forty-eight-hour time-release cold capsule in the experimental stages. Would you be desperate enough to take that capsule? What if in doing so it takes you forty-eight years into the past, making you a spirit in time and meeting the love of your life smack in the middle of World War II?

That is what is happening to Allison McKay in the year 1992, and her dilemma is further complicated by the man she meets and the people she befriends. Enjoy watching love race over two different time periods to bring two people together.

Over the years, author Linda Lauren’s parents have shared many stories from their pasts, which she has attempted to weave into her novels. Lauren’s mother’s lapel watch pin dating back to 1944 has served as a real-life inspiration for her writing and still keeps accurate time. This novel includes many personal photographs, giving readers a real connection of time and place. Also known as The Travel Psychic ™, Lauren has personally experienced time travel and is a fourth generation psychic medium.

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