Positive Vibes for Positive Brides

Linda Lauren

Tags meditate, spirit, wedding

You are preparing to get married and one of the first orders of business is to share the good news with family and friends. During that time is when you begin looking for the bridesmaids and grooms who will stand by you, helping you enjoy the fun stages of planning the wedding, from the engagement party to the main event, with the bachelor/bachelorette parties sandwiched somewhere in between. With all that activity going on, the challenge is to keep up a positive vibe so you don’t get stressed. There are several ways you can accomplish this: Meditate daily. Taking time...

Making Physical Therapy Work For You - Huffington Post

Linda Lauren

Tags healing, Huffington Post, positive energy

I was having a conversation this morning with someone who was asked to consider physical therapy again, despite best efforts, instead of going the surgical route. My feelings are pretty clear on this. I believe physical therapy works well when the injuries are minimal and the person much younger, with less of a medical history of injuries. Or, if you can afford it (which most can not) private sessions. PT facilities assign you to on-premise therapists after fully evaluating your case. That makes the patient safe and secure in the knowledge that they are in good, expert hands. However, it’s...

Mind Over Matter: A Psychic Medium’s Business Tips

Linda Lauren

Tags business, Color, meditation

No matter what stage of business you’re in, there are always moments where we silently find ourselves wishing for answers from a higher power. We hope for ways to clear negative thoughts and energy from our lives as we move forward to make big decisions and big moves. Well, 4th generation Psychic Medium, Color & Energy Expert, Author and Reiki Practitioner, Linda Lauren, has some tips, strategies, and daily practices for learning to trust your instincts and most importantly, thrive. Being a fourth-generation psychic medium, how has this role impacted your day to day? The fact that I had available...

Using Crystals to Enhance Dreams

Linda Lauren

Tags crystals, dreams, meditation

To me, dreams are the most important part of living. By tapping into them one can explore the waking world, and actually work through issues before they have even come to light. There are two factors one must consider in dream work: remembering one’s dreams and recording those dreams. I have had many clients tell me they could not remember their dreams, or that they do not dream. Everyone dreams, every night. How can one record what one can not recall? There is one method I believe works well. REMEMBERING: Before sleeping for the night, form your hand into a...

Ways to Help With Grief

Linda Lauren

Tags grief

Every day I address the colors of energy people are embracing and I’m doing my best to help them redefine their personal palette. I believe the work I do is more that of an artist of the soul than a psychic medium of the mind and spirit. We are all spirits with clean slates. There is always a fresh start from awareness and experience. But all awareness is not negative, nor experience necessarily bad. When we suffer a personal loss we propel our energy into defense mode, guard up and tears down. It is the one time we truly feel...