NJN Life & Living with Joanna Gagis

4th Generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren is interviewed by Joanna Gagis of Life and Living on NJ Network about her book 'Medium Rare' and her unique gift. Linda also gives Joanna insight about her signature and the colors around her.

Richard Quest interviews Travel Psychic™ Linda Lauren ~ CNN

NBC Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough ~ NY

NBC Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough ~ NY

Nightline - ABC TV

Questions for the Crystal Ball

It's the beginning of 2012, which means some big questions are in front of us.Will Scott Rudin and Harvey Weinstein continue their rivalry at the Oscars? What can we expect from Chelsea Clinton's new career as a television journalist? What does the future hold for Alec Baldwin? What will happen on "Homeland" when it returns to Showtime? Will the "Hunger Games" movie be any good? Will Anna Wintour stay on top of the fashion world? Chelsea Clinton Getty ImagesWe could probably answer all of those questions for you and get the answers right—we've been told we have psychic abilities by...