Ways The Color Purple Helps – Linda Lauren

Ways The Color Purple Helps

Linda Lauren

In our modern times, the color purple seems to have become quite popular. People use the color for sports, causes they support, and spiritual messages, among the few that spring to mind. It is a color that is equated with bravery and strength. Hence the reason the Purple Heart is purple.

In my color and energy practice, I have often questioned why someone has more of an affinity to one color over another. Recently, I asked myself: why purple? Is it because it is has an associated history of the mystic? Or is the spirituality the color evokes? So I posed the question to some of my clients and they outlined for me that there were a lot of benefits to how they felt just looking at the color. Most of those benefits were more of a spiritually hopeful nature that offered them a deeper sense of calm.

I wasn’t surprised by the response. Purple carries a vibration that spiritual leaders, teachers and healers have long adopted because it evokes peace of mind and serenity. It’s an important color in our personal paint box that helps strengthen our resolve while allowing us to remain calm and positively uplifted.

A good idea is to incorporate the color into your day whenever possible. Need a lift? Wear purple socks or bring a purple flower to work for your desk. Maybe wear an amethyst ring or light a purple candle. Applying and focusing on the color in your life will open you to how best you can apply it to yourself. Purple offers the following:

A stronger sense of spiritual power
Stress reduction in your environment
Sharpening your intuition with deeper insight
Healing protection

Embrace the color by lending your focus to it as you move through your days, and keep a journal to monitor your results. Colors have the potential to affect us profoundly through our emotions. Using them to our advantage will increase our chances of getting the most out of the experience so we are living our positive best.
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