The Vogel Crystal

Linda Lauren

Marcel Vogel was a renowned authority on crystals in junction with computers, as well as their application for energy healing.  He worked as a research scientist for the IBM San Jose Research Center and is responsible for a slew of personal patents.  One of those is the magnetic coating on 24 inch hard drives that we still rely on today.  His interest and experience with liquid crystals led him to working with the energy of raw and polished Quartz Crystal in various configurations.

One of those configurations is known as the Vogel Star of David crystal, which usually is a pendant that is carved and cut according to sacred geometry.  Those specific geometric measurements transform energy to a higher vibration.  It is based on the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Tree of Life.  Marcel Vogel mixed science and gemology to seek knowledge into the amplification of energy , with the intention of healing though the power of Love.  It is a wonderful tool for lightworkers and people interested in strengthening the energy of the aura.  It affords protection, balances the chakras, and intuits where Love resides.

There are possible two ways to wear the Vogel Star of David. One side has the middle pyramid facing toward you, and the flip side has it facing away from you. 

For protection when in groups, crowds or studies, you would wear the flat side against your chest.  When you want to be enriched by what you are reading, doing or experiencing from a personal point, you would flip it over and wear the flat side facing out.

Regardless of how you wear it, there is definitely an intensely felt feeling of Love that reflects itself with this configuration. 

Meditate with it.  Wear it. Place it in your environment.  Enjoy the positive energy of Love.

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