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Handling Hate

Linda Lauren

Tags hate, peace, politics, respect, social media

I am convinced that people are sleep walking. They are in a deep dream state of hate and prejudice and they won’t know it until someone wakes them out of it. Hate spells are frightening and awareness can only come from personal insight. America is known as the melting pot. A place that accepts all people, including our immigrant parents. Seems most people forget they are not born American but that their ancestors like parents, grandparents etc were privileged to be permitted to come into this country. Those people built our roads and our economy, and now all I see...

Respect and Social Media

Linda Lauren

Tags FaceBook, Instagram, respect, social media, Twitter

If you are reading this, then your typical computer day probably starts a lot like mine. We log into social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly, and we comment on what flows past in those streams. It's those comments that I feel a need to address as some of them respect the opinion of others, but most that I see are angry, judgmental and downright mean. In the real world, it's unlikely that anyone would ever speak as condescendingly, bullying for opinion, and with foul words to strangers they meet on the street. Yet, many think nothing...