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I’ve been working with color as it relates to energy most of my life.

I’ve been working with color as it relates to energy most of my life.

I’ve been working with color as it relates to energy most of my life. I’ve guided my family, friends and clients to successful relationships and businesses through my awareness of how color can be applied to life and how we can work those colors to our advantage. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the positive colors we might use to be successful in business in this particular year. We are already heading into May, so the Takeaway for the first few months would be the colors Teal and Orange. Teal asks us to focus on our financial status in terms of...

Help Surviving The Election Results

Linda Lauren

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Right now, many of the people in America who were Hillary supporters are feeling the effects of PTS. They are justifiably in shock. I can go through the countless reasons as to why this cross-section of Americans would be in shock at the election results, but it serves no purpose now that the election is over. We’ve been dealt a difficult hand and depending upon how you play your cards, here’s what we might want to do to help get through this election PTS. Personally when my faith is being tested, I meditate and right now I’m doing my best...

Making Social Media Peacefully Work for You

Linda Lauren

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There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to read everything one is supposed to read to be more effective in their jobs and day-to-day living. We are hit with social media reading material, posts, memes, articles, blogs and news around the clock. There is no breathing room, or break from it. The expression “need to know” no longer applies and the more inundated we are by this myriad of letters sent our way to form words, the more stress we take into our lives. When does it end? We are living in a time where people do...

How to use the Pantone Colors of the Year to Benefit Your Business in 2016! Every year Pantone announces the “Color of the Year”. Well, this year they threw us all for a loop by sharing 2 colors with us! Then, we thought we heard it all- the gender equality angle, the hot fashion angle, and of course the baby reveal jokes! Don’t panic, there’s still hope for all of us! These colors can actually be beneficial to your business if you use them properly. According to Pantone, the colors were selected as a reminder for us to seek “mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to the stress of modern day lives.” ...You can incorporate Rose...

Rejuvenate with Reiki

Linda Lauren

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Reiki, pronounced “ray-kee” is a form of hands on healing that is translated as “spiritual energy,” and is moved through the hands of a trained practitioner to a patient. It is widely used for stress reduction, pain management, and spiritual alignment. In 1922, a Japanese Buddhist named Dr. Mikao Usui developed this spiritual practice and passed his knowledge to attuned, licensed practitioners who use his healing technique in hospitals and treatment centers around the globe. It is also very good for everyday life, as I have seen from my work in some of those healing institutions. As a practitioner, my...