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Working With Colors to Create Positive Energy

When you live your life in color, you live it with a smile. That’s why children love balloons. They are colorful, and they make them want to embrace laughter and joy. In my practice, I aim to teach people how to use color in their lives to make each day better and each experience more worthwhile. We do not live in a monochromatic world, we live in full color, and each person expresses and embraces true colors through their energy field, which is often referred to as the aura. Color can reveal a significant vibration that will help to elevate...

Ways to Connect With the Power of the Positive

  Maintaining a positive outlook on a daily basis is easier than it sounds, especially in this streamlined world of information networks. When we finally do embrace the positive it is often fleeting, with thoughts that didn’t get to linger long enough to sustain the joy of embracing positive energy. We are coming into the time of the U.S. elections and politics is a hot and heavy subject on a lot of people’s minds, and that is just one topic. If you take a look at what is trending in social media, you get a serious heads up in terms...

How Paint Colors Can Actually Change Your Life ~ HuffPost Live with Nancy Redd

Colors have the ability to impact your confidence, happiness and concentration. Our panel of experts share how the colors around us affect how we eat, shop and live. What is the psychology of color and how can colors improve our lives?Originally aired on March 24, 2015

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