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Spirit Communication During the Holidays

    This is the time of year that encourages experiences with loved ones who have passed away. We can communicate with them much more effortlessly than other times. When I was growing up and developing my connection as a medium, I often asked my mother why this was so. I’d like to share with you what I came to understand: when we collectively pause to reflect in spirit, as we especially do during the holidays, that vibration can open us up to the energy of accepting things of wonder. Therefore, our desire to communicate with loved ones will ultimately...

The Holiday Season and Grief — Ways to Heal

Linda Lauren

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Gathering for the holidays has always incorporated faith, family and friends in observance and celebration. And every year at this time we are inundated with emotion derived from the loss of loved ones. We dwell on the memories of holidays past and become so busy feeling badly that we forget what the goodness of the season is all about. If it was important enough to remember sadly, then it’s important enough to remember fondly, because happiness with that loved one is what you are missing. That element gets in the way of healing and we can easily neglect to create...