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About Medium Rare

About Medium Rare

  When I first wrote my memoir I knew that it would be part one of a trilogy of books that would embrace what living life as a fourth generation psychic medium has been, and is, all about. There was just so much one can put into one book, without winding up with thousands of pages! Living any life is filled with the mysteries and joys of the unexpected, but living my type of life, intensifies those experiences for me from the perspective of my spirit. My goal has always been to reach and teach so that others can embrace...

Interview With Linda Lauren – Pet Psychic Medium

Linda Lauren

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“As a child of three, I told my mom that colors were coming out of people’s mouths in bubbles … and those colors made me feel certain ways.” Those are Psychic Medium Linda Lauren’s first memories of her gift…her ability to read people, first through the colors she saw around them.   As a 4th generation Psychic Medium, it’s a gift that came naturally to her. “My mom helped me understand what I was feeling,” she said, “as her mom had helped her  .. and her mom before that.”  “I remember as a child growing up in New Jersey that my grandmother was a...