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Handling Hate

Linda Lauren

Tags hate, peace, politics, respect, social media

I am convinced that people are sleep walking. They are in a deep dream state of hate and prejudice and they won’t know it until someone wakes them out of it. Hate spells are frightening and awareness can only come from personal insight. America is known as the melting pot. A place that accepts all people, including our immigrant parents. Seems most people forget they are not born American but that their ancestors like parents, grandparents etc were privileged to be permitted to come into this country. Those people built our roads and our economy, and now all I see...

Making Social Media Peacefully Work for You

Linda Lauren

Tags bully, bullying, hate, healing, Mind Body Spirit, postive energy, social media

There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to read everything one is supposed to read to be more effective in their jobs and day-to-day living. We are hit with social media reading material, posts, memes, articles, blogs and news around the clock. There is no breathing room, or break from it. The expression “need to know” no longer applies and the more inundated we are by this myriad of letters sent our way to form words, the more stress we take into our lives. When does it end? We are living in a time where people do...