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Summer Reading

For the most part, my private reading habits are broken down into two categories: time travel and true stories/biographies. Having written my memoir (Medium Rare) and two time travel romances (Hostage in Time, Sentimental Journey), I'm proud to say I am also a published author of both genres. All my books have a spiritual, psychic, or metaphysical theme, which opens it to a third category.

So, I'm confident in the reading recommendations I'm making in this blog. 

The Road to Woodstock by Michael Lang

This was written by the promoter responsible for the concept and execution of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair. That's all it was supposed to be originally: a fair. What it became is the most successful, peaceful music event of epic proportion ever to happen. It defined a generation and showed us the other side of an era. I enjoyed this book so much that I didn't want it to end. I am one of those lucky people who experienced the event live, as it was happening, and I found it a good read! If you’re into the culture, good music and the time period, you'll like this one, too.        

Time and Again by Jack Finney

If there is one time travel you should have on your bucket list, it's this one. It is so rich in description and story that it will sweep you away to 19th century New York and the life of Sy Morley. Complete with illustrations, be prepared to be swept away by intense detail and plot as the novel unfolds.

Back in the 1980s there was talk of a movie and I believe Robert Redford has the rights to it as he was going to play the lead. At the time, he was still young enough to play the lead. However, the script was too complex for the present budget and the project was scrapped. Please put this one on your list. You won't be sorry! 

One for the Money, A Stephanie Plum Novel

The first in the series of some twenty-something novels about this bumbling, yet sexy and smart New Jersey bounty hunter. In this day and age, the first book may seem to date her, but as the novels progress, she and her friends do, too.

This is a laugh out loud treat and you will find yourself eager for the next book to see who she chooses out of the two men lusting after her. Will it be Joe the handsome cop she's known since childhood? Or dark, handsome, mysterious Ranger, a man whose reputation speaks of his power. As if that were not enough, you've got to meet Lula, her partner in work. I won't spoil it by telling you about her. You'll have to meet her yourself, but I will say this: she defines the expression “piece of work!”      

That's it for now. I’m keeping it light reading for the summer! Enjoy!

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