Retrograde Reward Ceremony

Linda Lauren

Someone asked me what it is I do during the Mercury Retrograde to help myself not fall prey to the negative. I am not exempt from feeling the retrograde, which is the reason why recently I had an accident where I fell chasing my dog.

Retrogrades knock us off balance in terms of communication. That communication could be between you and your higher self, you and your pet, or between people or computers — anything that has to do with communication. In the case of any kind of an accident that we have, that is because we were not communicating with ourselves what our best intention was at the time. And in my case I *know* I was not communicating with my dog! So we had a mishap.

I prayed on this and thought about it at great length, as to how can I help to minimize that possibility. I came away with some insight that gave me the following interpretation in terms of candle lighting and ways to deal with a Mercury retrograde. Because of what Mercury Retrograde puts us through, I think we should get a reward for having to still be standing through it.

Retrograde Reward Ceremony

Choose a candle. You can use whatever color or size candle you wish.
Carve into the candle these three words: peace, love, healing.

Light the candle and recite the following: “I am protected from any and all negativity. I expect love, peace and healing as my Retrograde Reward.”

Do this every day until the Mercury Retrograde is over on May 3.

What you are doing is putting out your intentions and reinforcing them to help restore balance.

I hope you find this useful. Please feel free to email me and let me know how you made out and if it was helpful. Remember that this is all about the power of your intention to communicate to yourself (and others) what your needs are so that you can move forward without incident during a Mercury Retrograde.

April 19, 2017,

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