Labradorite Crystal Skull

Linda Lauren

Labradorite reflects and captures the rays of light that are encased in their energy field. The light shines through it like glitter, revealing colorful, sparkling layers within the stone's depth. It is gray and black with dazzling specs of colors ranging from blue and yellow to pink and green, and takes on an almost a fluorescence appearance.

When you wear or carry Labradorite it helps you with accepting change through transition. It is an extremely psychic stone that enhances those abilities by sharpening intuition. When the shape is a skull, it carries the additional properties of balance through wisdom. 

I often meditate with a Labradorite crystal skull for insight and a sense of calm. The one you are looking at in our online store can be made into a talisman or meditation piece. Or, if you prefer, slip a chain through it and wear it. The vibration will be subtle at first, but over time it will become stronger and help you to feel a sense of awareness and confidence.

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