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Kyanite & Meditation

My introduction to meditation was back in 1969-1970 when I was a teenager.  I had been practicing yoga, and meditation seemed to go with that hand-in-hand.  I didn’t find it easy to get into meditation long enough to even stay still.  I struggled with focus, and it was difficult for me to not be distracted by the things that were on my mind, or the noises that were around me.

This went on for several months. Then one day I met up with someone who worked in a book store which also sold crystals. I struck up a conversation on meditation when I saw a longish, flat blue stone with striated blades that was no longer than my finger. The proprietor told me that it was called Kyanite and (aside from Citrine) it was one of the only crystals that never needed clearing.  She said Kyanite did not hang onto negative energy. I had my doubts. That’ s how new I was to the whole process.  I purchased a piece and went home with my new find. 

Later that evening, I arranged to attend a meditation with a local group. I brought the Kyanite with me. As I held it in my hand and started to breathe in its energy, I could feel myself become immediately calm. I felt like I was floating. It was the first time I was able to meditate almost so fast and so deeply. For me,  Kyanite was the catalyst that helped me move into meditation in a way that made it a regular part of each day. 

While I can't speak for everyone, over the years I have shared my feelings regarding Kyanite with clients and friends and they have garnished similar results. Maybe you will, too!

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