I’ve been working with color as it relates to energy most of my life. – Linda Lauren

I’ve been working with color as it relates to energy most of my life.

I’ve been working with color as it relates to energy most of my life. I’ve guided my family, friends and clients to successful relationships and businesses through my awareness of how color can be applied to life and how we can work those colors to our advantage.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the positive colors we might use to be successful in business in this particular year. We are already heading into May, so the Takeaway for the first few months would be the colors Teal and Orange. Teal asks us to focus on our financial status in terms of how we would heal our bank account as well as heal our life. Orange will assist in activating that process.

As we approach the second half of the year, two colors are highlighted in business in terms of advancing with forward movement: Yellow and Blue. Yellow offers us a highly creative inspiration when we focus our intentions on using the color. Blue is great for communicating and that takes all forms as in computers or with people or any situation that arises.Those two colors together create a lot of energy that is quick and creative.

So now that you know the positive colors that I’m choosing for this year to help in business, here are some ways to embrace the energy of those colors as you apply them:

  • Keep the color around you so that you are embracing the energy. You could have a candle or you can wear something in one of those that colors. Or perhaps you have a piece of jewelry with a stone of complimentary colors. Even the food and artwork around you will help embrace the energy you are seeking via color.
  • Meditate on the color/colors that you want to use for your business. When we slow down and afford ourselves the opportunity to focus on a specific outcome, we also create that awareness via the Law of Attraction.
  • Keep a journal on how the colors are helping you so that you can gauge and document results.

That covers the year in color as far as I am concerned. I do a daily forecast and share it to help others. I’d love to hear from you in regard to the ways you are working with positive colors for you and your business.

Have a Colorful Day!

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