Handling Hate – Linda Lauren

Handling Hate

Linda Lauren

I am convinced that people are sleep walking. They are in a deep dream state of hate and prejudice and they won’t know it until someone wakes them out of it.

Hate spells are frightening and awareness can only come from personal insight.

America is known as the melting pot. A place that accepts all people, including our immigrant parents. Seems most people forget they are not born American but that their ancestors like parents, grandparents etc were privileged to be permitted to come into this country. Those people built our roads and our economy, and now all I see is hate against immigrants at every turn.

Aren’t you tired of the hate? I am. I’m disgusted with the ignorance regarding this topic. I am tired of the way people treat each other. I am disgusted by the evil being perpetrated to make people hate even more by treating others like dirt. Seems those Americans think they are on reality TV and they get some kind of kick out of hate and hating. Personally, I have done the following to protect myself from them:

1. I unfollow haters who claim to be on my friends’ list.

2. I express my peaceful response with as many positive posts or comments , otherwise, I do not comment at all.

3. I “hide” any posts that are filled with hate and venom so as on to be exposed to it.

When it comes time to vote, I will cast mine. And I will vote for the responsible person who does not hate, who does not cause violence, who does not insult minorities, the handicap and women.

I will vote for any candidate with government experience to move us forward without negativity. Anybody else would be a colossal waste of my time.

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