Baqua – Linda Lauren


For decades I have made available to my clients and friends clear crystal baquas to hang in their homes and offices to help with balance and positive energy. The shape is also known as a trigram and is a Chinese religious symbol from the I-Ching.   In Feng Shui, it is believed to be a pattern that enhances positive energy and creates balance in the space it is used. When combined with my choice of gemstones for you on the string attached to it, positive energy radiates into your home, office or workspace to create a calm atmosphere that is void of negativity.

The way I used them is to hang it in the window to reflect light or to hang them wherever I find a corner that juts out from the wall. Those corners are considered “poison darts” and hanging the Baqua in specific places relieves the negativity that may come from the area.

Besides all that, they are really pretty! Tapping into color and energy for positive awareness is easy with one of these around. I also hang one from my car’s rearview mirror! 

So check it out and consider these for your own home, car or office surroundings. I have always been able to feel the difference when one of these has been hanging up for awhile.

God bless,

Linda Lauren

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