Reclaiming Your Health – Linda Lauren

Reclaiming Your Health

Linda Lauren

My thoughts today drifted toward people and illness. How we define and express an illness can be important to the healing process, but few people may realize it. I like to work with the energy of the Universal Law of Attraction which advises that you should put out what you want back in a very specific way. Because our thoughts are capable of creating the outcome we want in life, the specifics are important. Here is an example to illustrate. 

A friend of mine suffers from arthritis in her hands. Recently, I noticed she was having a lot more pain than normal and I asked her how she was feeling. Her response was "I'm feeling sore these days because of my arthritis."

Note that she didn't say "because of arthritis" but that she used the word "my" which reinforces that this disease owns her and she owns it. When you use a word that stakes a claim on an illness, you are encouraging that vibration to stay exactly where it is, and possibly get worse. 

It may be more healing to name the disease without integrating yourself into it. The universal law of attraction states that like attracts like, and so what you focus on to the positive or negative will be encouraged into your life. Here are some ways to direct your energy to perhaps manifest more positive results regarding health.

1. When talking about a disease, don't claim it with the word "my" 
2. When thinking about a disease don't dwell.
3. Everyone's situation is different so be careful of the advice you derive from well meaning friends who are empathetic to your cause.

It's easy to slip into the mindset of owning a disease or illness, but it's far more rewarding to reclaim some of your health through a positive attitude just by not staking a claim when you say the name of the illness.

 02/17/2016 01:34 pm ET

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