How the Star of David Assists the Spirit

Linda Lauren

The Star of David configuration heightens the energies of any crystal because of it amplifies the energy of each facet. The more facets, the more power it eludes. The geometric symbol moves energy through the body to create a barrier or shield of ultimate protection.


There are a number of ways this beautifully cut configuration can be used. Personally, I meditate with one in my hands to lend control to my intentions and I often wear another as a pendant around my neck when I feel I need healing. Within moments I usually feel as though the energy in my body is in alignment and healing and insight can take place effortlessly and without my awareness.

The quartz crystal you choose will further improve and increase the positive energy the Star of David conveys. Programming it by stating an affirmation or intention while holding it, will further empower that intention.

So, please take a look at some of those on the web site and give one a try. You will most likely enjoy a calmer and more focused mindfulness that will protect and serve your spirit for years to come.

If you are like me and are involved in any metaphysical practices like massage therapy, psychic awareness, mediumship, Reiki healing, Feng Shui, crystal work, or Aromatherapy, for instance, you will more than likely benefit from having one of these in your life. Regardless of what you do, by implementing the energy of the Star of David configuration into your life, your spirit will benefit greatly.

God bless,

Linda Lauren

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