Angel Travel Charm

Linda Lauren

No matter how prepared you are in advance, travel can be a stressful undertaking.  

That said, I believe we should always take steps to protect ourselves with positive reinforcement. No matter the means of transportation available to me (walking, driving, plane, train, etc.) I personally make a point of taking along one of my Angel Travel Charms

My belief is that the angels are there to help us and they surround us with protection when they are called upon. There are many ways to call upon your angels for help, guidance and and assistance. One of those ways is to take a symbol of them and instill our faith in that symbol so we are reminded that we can have that connection.

When I designed these, I wanted the “angel” be of various different gemstones so that the person receiving it, and ultimately using it, could enjoy the added bonus of using the energy of crystals and gemstones to further enhance the experience. The fact that we are energized by spirit every day is something we should remember to enjoy. When you travel (or even wear) one of these you are embracing the vibration of angelic love, guidance and protection. The angel is for the depiction of our intention to safely travel. Any intention we empower is one that will afford the most positive results.

May your travels always be safe ones filled with happy trails.

Happy New Year!

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