Embracing The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray – Linda Lauren

Embracing The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray

Linda Lauren

Let’s say you woke up this morning cranky. Or maybe you had difficult communication with someone that bordered on fight or argument. Perhaps you encountered dark energy in your home. Or maybe you simply were not feeling well. All of these are reasons to cleanse your immediate environment and raise the vibration. But, just how do you do that? Though there is no permanent resolution for the depressions and feelings we may experience, there is still a way to counter them.

Some people have been known to use Native American Sage for the purpose of removing negativity from their surroundings. Sage does only part of the job. You need part two, which is to raise the vibration once you clear the old. I have nothing against using sage, but it does have its drawbacks. One of those is the fact that you cannot use it without really burning it. That single act makes it limited in use. You can’t burn it anywhere and the smell is extremely pungent and not user-friendly to the environment.

That’s where The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray comes in.  After years of experimentation in my practice as a psychic medium, I created a product that is designed to eliminate negativity while raising the vibration in any room or environment. Though it is a proprietary formula, the blend has a top note of Rose that is delightful to the senses. Rose embodies and promotes blessings and bestows spiritual love for us. The beauty of The Vibe is that you can use it anywhere and at any time, and especially, while traveling. I spray my hotel rooms with it as soon as I check in!

So…check it out. Send me your testimony, as I love collecting your great responses!

Here’s hoping every vibe for you…is a good vibe!

God bless,

Linda Lauren

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