Spirit Communication During the Holidays – Linda Lauren

Spirit Communication During the Holidays



This is the time of year that encourages experiences with loved ones who have passed away. We can communicate with them much more effortlessly than other times. When I was growing up and developing my connection as a medium, I often asked my mother why this was so. I’d like to share with you what I came to understand: when we collectively pause to reflect in spirit, as we especially do during the holidays, that vibration can open us up to the energy of accepting things of wonder. Therefore, our desire to communicate with loved ones will ultimately be that much stronger. When we have passion driving us, we collectively unfold the energy needed to experience heavenly dialog. It is a time to embrace and harness that energy. There are many ways to make the most of this, and these suggestions below will get you started.

1. Meditation — I consider this the most important thing you can do to embrace spiritual dialog because of the relaxation it affords you, leaving you more open to connecting.
2. Sacred space — Creating a home altar or sacred space is a perfect place to have available to you for experiencing the love and gratitude of your intention to open with spirit. It builds an important foundation.
3. Journal Writing — expressing the communication you receive and contemplating it in writing is helpful in understanding what this dialog is all about. It also may encourage the respectability of the other side.

Embrace this time of year with a focused eye and create an intention that gathers your loved ones to you from the afterlife. We are all mediums and we have the potential to commune with those we loved who have left this world.

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