HuffPo’s Color & Energy Expert Linda Lauren Gives Insight on the Power of COLOR

HuffPo’s Color & Energy Expert Linda Lauren Gives Insight on the Power of COLOR! #GuestBlog #LAStory

We’ve all had those days when you wake up feeling like you could use another hour of sleep! You’re out of coffee and can’t find the perfect outfit. Nothing seems to feel right until you pull out your makeup bag! What would be the best color of clothing or makeup for you for that day? Lucky for us, the Huffington Post’s Color and Energy Expert and 4th Generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren has all the scoop on what colors in makeup and fashion will do for you.

The makeup colors you choose have a certain energy about them that make you feel a certain way and relay a unique meaning to those around you. Whether you need beauty, confidence or focus choosing the color palette that works for you can be an important life choice!

Color and Energy As a Daily Forecast
As a 4th generation psychic medium and color expert, I approach my life through the colors I embrace everyday. It is my experience that we all have personal power and some of that power has much to do with the positive energy we share with the colors we choose to have around us.
Every color plays a pivotal role in our energy field through our aura, and becomes not only a visual experience, but also an emotional one. Color is the most important tool in our personal toolbox. How we use and understand color can mean the difference between whether we are healthy or sick, happy or sad, and even how we respond to situations.

Look around you at the themes people choose to encourage you to seek them out. For instance, many restaurants use the color red because it has the ability to stimulate your appetite and will make you want to eat more, thus allowing the restaurant to make more money on your visit. Meanwhile, a trip to the hospital might provide you with green walls in the operating room because green can make us feel in harmony with our surroundings, rather than when we are in white room that may promote a sterile, but frightening environment.

My experience has taught me that there is a direct correlation between color applications as they relate to the spirit and human behavior. For sighted people, color is a constant. It’s Omnipresent. It’s everywhere. However, most of us are so immune to color, that we don’t even realize how it affects us. To help people use this connection successfully, I created a means with which to focus on specific colors for specific reasons. That is what Linda Lauren’s Color & Energy Forecast™ offers: a chance to understand and use color in order to function with our own energy with joy and positive awareness.
Check in with it regularly and make an attempt to wear or apply the color of the day to yourself or your environment. After some forty years of practice, I can attest to the uplifting feeling you get when you are making a connection with colors for specific reasons.
The general Color Code below gives you a basic definition of the colors that make up the spectrum.
White – clarity; friendship
Purple – spirituality; intuition
Blue – calmness; communication
Green – healing; harmony
Yellow – creativity; joyfulness
Orange – excitement; energy
Red – passion; love
Black – protection; self-confidence
Linda Lauren
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Linda Lauren Bio:
Linda Lauren is a fourth-generation Psychic Medium, Color & Energy Expert, Author and Reiki Practitioner, who connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them. Linda, known as the ‘Travel Psychic™’, also uses that energy to guide her clients with their travel plans. Linda is a regular contributor to Huffington Post. She has been seen and heard in The NY Times, CNN Travel, Huffington Post Live, Buzzfeed and on Sirius XM (Sway on @siriusxm in New York). Lauren is based on the east coast but she has an online store and sells products all over the US and beyond!

Thanks to Linda Lauren for sharing which colors will give you that extra boost of confidence and what tones will portray you in the best light to others!

Stevie Wilson,

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