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Barbara Corcoran’s Office: A Pallet for Success

In my efforts to work with color for the benefit of my clients, I often pay special attention to what connects people to success. I have found that the colors we choose to surround ourselves with (and wear) can become a clear indication of how we experience happiness in our lives. I keep my intuition on the pulse of what’s advancing with color and investigate where successful people apply them.

I am a fan of Shark Tank because I love the inspiration that resides within the human spirit to create something new that makes a difference in the world and this show delivers that for me. One of my favorite “sharks” is Barbara Corcoran, a woman of vibrant color and style. Recently, we were pleased to be privy to a look inside her office sanctuary on the new show Beyond the Tank, as she discussed the latest updates with one of the entrepreneurs she represents. However, what I found most inspiring was the way she used color to appeal to the nature of the spirit to maintain a business presence.

Her signage, just like her fashion, runs the gamut of positive colors and when meaning is applied, they are worth noting. Here are some of the colors choices she embraced and their significance to the positive energy that can be applied for success:

Green: The sign we were met with when shown her offices had her initial in this color. It promotes prosperity and affords the person growth in business with the ability to always create or obtain something new, and promotes prosperity and financial gain while also offering a healing vibe.

Red: This color is incorporated throughout her offices in various shades. It encourages movement and assures passion in all efforts one undertakes

Yellow: Her business folders, paperwork and signs reflect this color, which stimulates creativity and opens her up to generate positive resolution through excitement.

Blue: This color appears to be her personal signature as she wears it in various shades often. In doing so, she is all about communication and the importance of the words she expresses.

Color works for everyone if we learn to use it to your advantage. These specific colors, when blended together, create a stimulating pallet for successful business and a happy personal life that flows together more easily.

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