Psychic Linda Lauren gives us the scoop on Hillary Clinton, Housewives

Psychic Linda Lauren gives us the scoop on Hillary Clinton, Housewives + more

Psychic Linda Lauren gives us the scoop on Hillary Clinton, Housewives + more

After viewing photos of some well known notables, Celebrity Color Psychic Linda Lauren gives us the scoop on their energy at the time they were taken.

Ramona Singer, Elexia Echeveria, Tom Murro + Marisol Patton

Ramona Singer
Lots of pink coming from her, and she was thinking that she was feeling loved and happier than she’d felt in a long time. Please keep the Pinot around! She is going to be full of surprises this year.

Elexia Echeveria
She was happy to be wearing black. She is in command of her evening and the color blue around her tells me that she doesn’t mince words and is worth listening to, and might even have a few choice words for someone that evening!

Marisol Patton
I sense sadness. She has a lot of purple around her, which indicates she may have thought it not wise to come out, but knew the sacrifice was worth it. This year could make a difference for her if she responds intuitively.

Charlie Sheen
A contradiction of red and yellow, he is full of creativity but wants to make a quick exit when things get too hot. The yellow is a careful color and he may be working on an unexpected book.

Tom Murro and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
With the color gray around him, he can run, but hiding is out of the question. Gray tells him to think of the future, but to not reveal too much. There is a new relationship on the horizon and the color orange from him says it will be a speedy arrangement.

50 Cent and Tom Murro

50 Cent
Oh, he is definitely in his element! The colors around him are rainbow-like and bright. He is enjoying his station in life, and the color green is most obvious, which means because he is thinking about creating financial opportunities all the time.

Hilary Clinton
Make no mistake: She carries with her a light of clarity and vision and it is accompanied by blue. She is a formidable force and a combination of green and red can increase finances for the world in a big way.

Mallory Hagan
She was having a greenish day, and there is a project on her mind that she was nurturing. There is pale pink around her, which means she feels confident.

Tom Murro
In most of his photos he brings out blue, yellow and orange. He was thinking about how quickly he can move from person to person and how creative he can make his conversation.

”Every single one of these people should have the writing of a memoir on their minds”.

Tom Murro
NY Celebrity Examiner
April 18, 2015
8:26 AM MST

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