A Guide to Embrace Spirit at Work

Linda Lauren

Whether you work indoor or outdoors, if you have a job, then you are most likely spending alot of time within the confines of the space within which you do that work. It doesn't matter if it's in a different place or the same place each day. You are in that environment for an extended period of time and that may have alot to do with the mood you're in and the way you relate to your work. It may also be your excuse for doing (or not doing) something that is to your benefit personally. 
Putting something in that space that has a special meaning can make you feel good, and add a personal connection for building up your morale (spirit) while you are there. If you are self-employed there is most likely more freedom to dress up your surroundings. If you are an employee, you may be limited to what is permissible but there are ways to work around any limitations. These suggestions might give you a start in connecting with your spirit so you are happier in your work.
1. Approach your day from your own creation. Make a schedule of how you want the next day to go. Be sure to include your personal life into it, as it's important to remember that you are working for your own sake and you need to regard yourself as a priority.
2. Add a personal touch to your workspace. People who work from home or in offices can probably improve the work area with a couple of personal items that raise your mood to a good one- one that reminds you why you are there in the first place. 
3. Implement color in some way. A lamp, a scarf, a pattern, artwork or candles, whatever makes you feel good, should be included to brighten your mood. Choose friendly colors. Avoid black as it tends to create boundaries and I've always taught that care should be taken when using it.
Embracing spirit at work is important no matter where that place is. It's a gentle reminder that becomes a little cheering section for confidence. So, whether you are working by poolside, from the comforts of your own home, an office, business, or even a small magazine/candy stand on a street corner, remember that your spirit spends time there too. Feel good about going there and put a little bit of "you" into the mix.
Originally published on Huffington Post May 20, 2016. 

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