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Metaphysics in Marketing™

Linda Lauren

There’s a great deal of encouraging, positive and useful energy available to us in the world.  That energy is available to everyone who wants to take advantage of the universe’s positive vibe. The reason why some people make use of it and others don’t is the result of how they set the tone for each day.  Most people don’t bother,  and they find themselves running on the steam of the negativity created by the other people they have encountered and embraced.  The result is that whether intentional or not, by non-action you have left your power in the hands of everyone but yourself,  and it will affect your mood and your day. That mood will carry over and touch everything you say and do and ultimately not do justice to the products you are marketing or the brands you are representing.

Here are some metaphysical tools/insights  to help guide you into designing your days through the power of intention so that you get the best out of your personal power.  If you are able to do that, you will be able to market anything with success. Remember: marketing starts with you marketing yourself as a brand, and if you can do that, you can market anything.

Linda discussing the use of Color and Energy at Rivendell Media.

  1. Meditation and intention – daily practice 10-20 minutes a day.
  2. Color and energy – surrounding yourself with colors that feel good.
  3. The Four Agreements- helpful spiritual advice that works if you stick to it!
  4. 60 second Centering meditation -See attached video.
  5. Collage or vision board – a means for projecting what we want in terms of the universal law of attraction and bringing that closer to us. Add to it regularly.

My advice: Establish a routine that starts with meditation and allow it to design and set the tone for each day through intention.  Keep notes on your progress and journal them. Pay attention to colors and how the energy makes you feel. Practice the 60 second meditation when you feel stressed or before an interview or presentation. Anytime really! Top it all off with a yearly collage (vision board) and keep it nearby where you can see it as a positive reinforcement of goals.

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Psychic Medium Linda Lauren 60 Second Meditation

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