The LLETU Center


Linda Lauren's Embracing the Universe product shoot

Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe Metaphysical Center is something that I have always wanted to create for my clients, family and friends. The Center is a personal reflection of the work I do. It provides you with a physical place to enjoy spiritual guidance and/or purchase spiritual tools, while meeting others who are also seeking to follow their path. The goal of the Center is to offer counsel, spiritual rejuvenation, relaxation, meditation, knowledge, communication, and sometimes, just good company.

Together, with Susan Dolinko, we have been able to bring my goal and dream to light. Susan brings to The Center a lively sense of humor and a strong affinity for working with quartz crystal beads to manifest beautiful jewelry. We are excited to be sharing this new Center with you and invite you to visit us often.

Bring your friends!


Directions To The Center

Directions to Linda Lauren’s Metaphysical Center
1248 Route 22 West, Lower Level
Mountainside, NJ 07092

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The Reading Room